Zelda modder gives Link’s Breath of the Wild house a makeover

Link being able to buy a house in Zelda: Breath of the Wild felt like it was going to be a big deal. Finally, our hero had his foot on the housing ladder. At last, he wouldn’t be stuck in his childhood bedroom or living with his Grandma.

But then, as you know, nothing else really happens with it. The house is there if you really want to go back and visit, but there’s no real reward for doing so.

Well, Zelda fan Waikuteru has now created a mod with some home improvements (thanks, Nintendo Life). The house hasn’t exactly received a Grand Designs makeover, but there are some clever ideas here which would make Link’s property purchase a little more useful.

“This mod reimagines owning a house in BOTW to make it a worthwhile purchase – something you’ll want to use regularly – all the while, retaining the original game feel and balance of the game,” Waikuteru wrote.

A fast travel spot has been added to the house, making it an easy location to escape to for some rest and relaxation. Another clever tweak has been made so you’ll always arrive to sunny weather, rather than storms or gloomy clouds.

Link’s bed has become “cosier” – meaning you can now choose to sleep for longer and gain bonus hearts on waking up – and there’s a fireplace for cooking inside. Other flourishes includes concept art for the game on the walls, plus extra decorations, plants and new lighting.

Out in the garden, there’s now a pond you can fish in for easy access to Hylian bass and a stable so you can take care of your noble steed. Finally, and most importantly, you also have a pet cucco you can poke for eggs. (“Just plan your escape route to your front door if you poke it too much,” Waikuteru notes.)

Something for Breath of the Wild 2, whenever it arrives?